Project portfolio of the group includes the following types of the projects:

  • Grant funded projects
  • Board Generic Projects
  • Directed Generic Projects
  • Specific Projects
  • MSc projects
  • EngD and PhD projects
  • Internal Projects

Due to sensitive nature of the projects, only a few projects are listed here:

  • Completed EngD/PhD projects
    •  Chatter Reduction with Tuned Mass Holders, EngD., Tom Gibbons
  • Completed MSc projects
    • Dynamics of Parallel Turning, MSc., Rezleen Knapton
    • Estimation of milling stability limits for ISO 13399 standard tools using FEA and RCSA, MSc., Renwei Ye
    • Operational Modal Analysis of the milling process for dynamic response estimation, MSc., Armando Huerta
    • Effects of high spindle speeds on the stability diagrams and surface roughness, MSc., Bhavika T Koliyabandara
    • Effect of dynamic run-out on surface quality in milling, MSc., Eduardo Pesquera Serrano,
    • Modelling the Effects of Process Damping in Milling, MSc., Ozan Gurdal
    • Off-line Compliance Error Compensation in Robotic Milling, MSc., Luis Urena,
    • Investigation of robotic machining stability, MSc., Fernando Flores,
    • Passive Vibration Avoidance in Turning-Shunt Damping, MSc., Pablo Cotera,
    • Mill-turn Mechanics and Dynamics, MSc., Thahir Yusaf Ambalath Khalid,
    • Analysis Of Non-Linear Machine Tool Dynamic Behaviour, MSc., Anaid Selene Delgado Bernal
    • Mechanics and Dynamics of Inserted Ceramic Milling, MSc, Iris Euan Waldestrand
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