Latest News

  • Peace Onawumi joined the team as a project engineer, #030119


  • Joel Coukham joined the team as a graduate engineer, he will be with us for next 6 months #010518
  • Tendai Kachale joined the team as a project engineer, #181217
  • Rachel Yeung joined the team as a project coordinator, #041217
  • Lamin Ceesa, Saeed Rajabi and Hamam Rouiched joined the team as graduate engineers, they will be with us for next 6 months #301017
  • Manuel Nioi joined the machining dynamics group as a research engineer. #070717
  • Shaoming Yao joined the machining dynamics group. #020317
  • Chao Sun joined the machining dynamics group. #270217
  • Erdem Ozturk was elected as a CIRP Associate member by CIRP( The International Academy for Production Engineering) #220217
  • Conference paper titled Analysis of Process Damping in Milling from Ozan Gurdal’s Msc Thesis is published #071116
  • Erdem Ozturk is  visiting University of Nantes  to expand collaborations with French colleagues #05092016
  • Erdem Ozturk presented the CIRP Annals Paper “Prediction of effect of helix angle on cutting force coefficients for design of new tools” in the CIRP GA 2016 Assembly #24082016
  • Hilal Senuysal and Arman Zonuzi from Sabanci University joined the group as placement students. Next 2 months, they will be working on round robin micro test piece manufacturing and process optimisation for micro milling.#11072016
  • Adrian Leung from University of Sheffield joined the group as a placement student. Next 3 months, he will be supporting two projects on robotic machining and spindle dynamics.
  • Our CIRP Annals paper titled  “Prediction of effect of helix angle on cutting force coefficients for design of new tools” is online.
  • Animation explaining our Twin-control project is available.
  • We have organised the CIRP UK Manufacturing Research Day and Annual General Meeting at AMRC between 6-7 May 2016.
  • We are looking for a project engineer to join our group. If you are interested, please check the advert on website.
  • We have been awarded our second H2020 project, COROMA, after Twin-control.
  • Dr Luke Berglind has joined to the group.
  • CIRP Research Affiliates Newsletter is online.
  • H2020 project Twin Control Kick Off meeting interview video is available
  • Machine tool simulation will be reinvented by means of the European project Twin-Control
  • Opportunities are opening up for companies capable of working to ever tighter tolerances
  • Our intern, Michael Caley, has written about his experience at AMRC. Link.
  • AMRC hosts 8th CIRP Research Affiliate WorkshopInternational academy researchers meet at the AMRC 
  • Video of the interview regarding AMRC’s plans for micro milling is live
  • Virtual machining and Sustainable manufacturing seminars are mentioned in the June 2015,  NAMTEC Journal
  • Parallel machining on NAMTEC Journal, July 2014
  • Parallel machining research wins Academy award.
  • Jon Ander Sarasua joined Machining Dynamics team as a visiting researcher on 15th of September.
  • Machining Dynamics team including Omer Ozkirimli and Wei Liang Choong demonstrated 3.6 times improvement in productivity by using stability diagrams on the Rolls-Royce ACT conference.
  • Dr Erdem Ozturk presented the ongoing work on Robotic Machining Dynamics on 29th of August 2014 at the 64th CIRP GA in Nantes, France
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