Research Platforms

  • Kern Evo micro milling machine.
  • Test spindle with maximum speed of 30,000 rpm.
  • Robotic machining cell with ABB 6640 robot
  • Variety of machine tools.

Measurement hardware

  • Tap test kits for experimental modal analysis (Metalmax, Cutpro).
  • Set-up for measurement of tool FRF in rotating conditions.
  • Kistler force dynamometers (lathe, drilling dynamometers, several table type dynamometers).
  • Kistler load cell for micro milling
  • Laser displacement sensor (Microepsilon).
  • Laser vibrometer (Polytec).
  • Variety of accelerometers.
  • Variety of microphones.
  • NI Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Piezoelectric patches for shunt damping applications.
  • Capacitive displacement sensors (Lion Precision).
  • Spindle Error Analyser (Lion Precision).


Tap testing

  • Metalmax TXF, Cutpro.

Process simulation

  • Metalmax TXF, Cutpro for basic machining process simulations.
  • In house developed codes for complex processes such as 5-axis milling, parallel machining.

Tool path optimisation

  • Machpro.
  • Vericut Optipath.
  • Thirdwave Production Module.
  • Machining Studio.

Data Acquisition

  • Labview
  • Matlab



  • Catia.


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